Campus Regulations


The Law College is committed to zero tolerance to ragging, alcohol, smoking, drugs and disciplinary misconduct. The College considers that responsibility, good behavior and obedience are the characteristic of a good student. Students with such persona alone can prove to be productive manpower with a noticeable value system. Thus, students making a mistake would be exposed to certain disciplinary code. Students registered at the said Law College must be familiar with and understand their responsibilities towards the campus, faculty members, office staff, and administration and fellow students. Fall short to keep up suitable standards of conduct will invite disciplinary action.

Evenhandedly and without bias to the generality of the foregoing provisions, the following acts would be deemed to be acts of ‘Indiscipline and Misconduct’ :-

  • Any act of misconduct committed by a student inside or outside the campus shall be an act of violation of discipline of college.
  • Not attending classes regularly and punctually.
  • Sitting/roaming/loitering in the college canteen, library and campus lawns etc. during lecture/seminar hours.
  • Not taking up assignments, tests and sessional examinations of the college seriously.
  • No GROUP meeting / function / designation of duties and responsibilities of any kind shall be held in the college premises without the written permission of the Director.
  • Spitting, smoking, drinking, consuming and dealing in narcotics and psychotropic substances and throwing bits of paper inside the college campus must be avoided.
  • Gathering in groups at roads, entrance, exit and pathways is strictly prohibited.
  • The Discipline Committee will deal strictly with students who play a leading part, by organizing or assisting, in strikes, gherao, eve teasing, en-massing etc.
  • Use of mobile phone inside class rooms/seminar hall/moot court rooms is strictly prohibited.
  • Students should not involve themselves either directly or indirectly in any form of politics, do not showcase / demonstrate / propagate / propose to pursue membership political affiliations during their period of study.
  • Disruption of teaching, student examination, research or administrative work, curricular or extra-curricular activity or residential life of the members of the college, including any attempt to prevent any member of the college or its staff from carrying on his or her work; and any act reasonably likely to cause such disruption.
  • Damaging or defacing college property or the property of members of the College or any other property inside or outside the college campus.
  • Engaging in any attempt at wrongful confinement of teachers, offices, employees and students of the college.
  • Use of abusive or intimidating language and derogatory slogans or incitement of hatred and violence or any act calculated to further the same.
  • Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited. not submitting the anti-ragging undertaking in the proper form on time is intimidating and an act of serious misconduct.
  • Eve teasing or disrespectful behavior to women or girl students. following/stalking, staring, sending smokes, commenting, passing chits, asking phone number without her initiative, asking for photos clicked or any act that hurts her or breaks her comity and create a sense of insecurity in her mind, irrespective of her speech.
  • An assault upon, or intimidation of, or insulting behavior towards a teacher, employee or student or any other person.
  • Causing or colluding in the unauthorized entry of any person into the campus, class or in the unauthorized occupation of any portion of college premises, including hostels, by any person.
  • Committing forgery, tampering with or misuse of the college/university documents or records, identification cards, etc.
  • Furnishing false certificate or false information to any office under the control of the College.
  • Indulging in acts of gambling, fixing, betting, in the college premises.
  • Possessing or using any weapons such as knives, lathis, iron chains, iron rods, sticks, explosives and fire arms in the College premises.
  • Arousing communal, caste, race or regional, handicap, disabled, special children feelings or creating disharmony among students.
  • Not disclosing one’s identity when asked to do so by an employee of the college who is authorized to ask for identity.
  • Any act of general moral turpitude.
  • Any act defined as an offence under any general or special law of the land.
  • Committing any of the offences specified in the Examination Regulations of the university/college.
  • Improper behavior while on academic or recreational tour pick and drop, volunteering or excursion on the direction of the college.
  • Pasting of posters or distributing pamphlets, handbills etc. of personal or objectionable nature or writing on walls, class boards and disfiguring buildings.
  • Any other act which may be considered by the Discipline Committee to be an act of violation of discipline or indiscipline.

Campus Disciplinary Committee

The said Law College clearly mentions that only ‘campus disciplinary committee’ is officially authorized to take ‘disciplinary action’ after adhering to Principles of Natural Justice and after appropriate hearing of the ‘victim, accused and the witnesses thereof’ and ordering by way of imposing any lawful forms of punishment, penalty, fine, suspension, rustication, reformation measures, community service, public service, student service, initiation of police reporting, legal action etc. as specified. No punishment, penalty, etc., mentioned shall be imposed without giving the student a reasonable opportunity of being heard. Even a proper intimation shall also be made to their parents or legal guardians regarding the whole incidence. A review of disciplinary action or actions initiated against a student would lie with the officer issuing the orders, within seven days, and an appeal would lie against the orders of the authorities mentioned in these Rules (except the Director) to the Discipline Committee.