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About Us

A multi-faculty Institute to appreciate the rule of law in all branches of knowledge.

An Introduction

Education plays a significant role in the overall development of a Society. In the present era of technological progress and growing competition amongst the present generation / working class, education has made its importance felt in every aspect of modern, social and professional life of every individual.

The Legal profession which is at present one of the fastest growing professions all over the world. Besides being lucrative, it is adventurous and also an exciting career. Since the Lawyers are held high esteem in every society, hence there is an extra plus and as such it is observed that there is a growing demand for legal advice everywhere owing to the fast changing economic & social scenario all over the world.

An Institute in ideal conditions draws its human resources at the levels of both faculty and student community, from the entire India. However, unlike IIT, IIM, & AIIMS, Legal Education is patronized not by the Union Government but by the State Governments. From that point of view, national law Institutes differ in origin and experiment.

Keeping in mind the urgent need of multidisciplinary legal knowledge and application of the law in the context of the world of vanishing jurisdiction, this Institute shall design multidisciplinary undergraduate programs to meet the challenge. The Bar Council of India has already indicated in their standard syllabus practice that undergraduate law program must contain Seven courses on Social Sciences, Eleven compulsory Legal subjects, Four Clinical courses, and at least Five optional courses.

The course would be conducted in such a fashion that at the end of the course the Institute can conduct placement program for all those who want to practice at the bar or join Corporate Law and Solicitors’ Firms or even Government and Corporate World.

Hence keeping in mind the present scenario of the employment criteria and its technological importance, DURGAPUR SOCIAL & EDUCATIONAL TRUST (DSET), established an Educational Institution on Legal profession in Durgapur, affiliated to University of Burdwan with the following objectives.