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Our Success Story

DILS has proven time and again that it is the best institute.

Our Success Story

DILS was quick to establish a reputation for excellence in legal education within a short period. Teachers and Graduates soon made an impact that was felt not only nationally through out the country but also internationally.

The program also has an advantage of emphasis on clinical education and professional training

DILS is a bold experiment in the sense that it is truly multidisciplinary. Legal education, unlike many other streams of professional education like technology, medicine, or finance is a multidisciplinary education. Legal professional skills can be used by any other knowledge system. As for example, in the present growing complex world a substantive legal education is very closely linked with knowledge in technology and science. As it is, legal profession is based on the premise of certain social values that are built up in hundreds of years of sociological practices and ethos. This Institute shall endeavor to make a holistic effort to develop legal professional skills in all trans-border knowledge contexts.

The methodology of education shall be based upon output requirement of skills and knowledge. The Institute shall design its teaching method on various methodologies of teaching & learning process including co-operative teaching, case studies, lecture demonstration, group discussions, and self-conducted research. The Institute also follows a non-traditional and continuous system of evaluation which endeavours to assess the performance of a student from the day when he/she steps into the College so that examination does not become a mere test of memory. Each year students shall undergo a placement program for one month with an NGO, Member of the Bar, Bench, Corporate Law Firm, Government and Companies.

The Institute shall run several short and medium term orientation, training and refresher courses for NGOs, Government Officials and Public Administrators, Local Self-Government, Legal Professionals including Members of the Bar and the Bench, other administrative authorities and Corporate Officials.

The Institute provides an opportunity to explore limitless options in legal profession and is setting new standards in legal education. The Institute has as its primary mission to create a generation of able, competent and humane lawyers who will not only enter the Bar and Bench but will also be equipped to address effectively the imperatives of the new millennium and to engage in community services.

The unique feature of Durgapur is that it represents the glimpse of both industrially developed and rural India and thus provides an amiable environment for understanding the real predicaments of the Indian Society and learning the discourse of law from the social as well as commercial standpoint .

DILS believes that a hard labor in education is the investment for a successful professional career. Institute has taken a multidisciplinary approach towards legal studies and research and we are making genuine endeavour to propagate the same to both the privileged and under privileged aspirants who wish to make their mark in the legal system of our country. In a nut shell DILS have highly experienced members and richly qualified Professors besides professionals of high caliber and dignified Advocates and Bar Council members to groom our students and mould them to be competent enough to face challenge to this competitive world in this 21st Century.