About Us

College Overview

The Law College was established in the year 2006 and is one of the most reputed Law Colleges of the West Bengal. The Law College is situated in the heart of the Durgapur city, and it is very well connected by road and rail. The College was started under the aegis of the Durgapur Social and Educational Trust. The Trust started the Institution with a treasured aspiration to impart legal education which is a very significant move towards spreading legal awareness and empowering the vulnerable and unaided in the society. The College is affiliated presently to Kazi Nazrul University, Asansol and recognized by Bar Council of India, New Delhi. It conducts both three years LL.B Course as well as both five years LL.B Course since 2006. The College has a Governing Council duly constituted by Durgapur Social and Educational Trust. Sri Subrata Mitra is the Managing Director of the Governing Council. All the members of the Governing Council are accomplished academicians, legal luminaries, management experts and persons of eminence in public service. Governing Council meets on a regular basis four times a year to evaluate and go over academic and administrative work

Our Vision

The main vision of the Law College is to make powerful each and every one human being with Knowledge and Confidence. Our vision is to raise the standards of professionalism, principally by shifting focus from studying law predominantly from text books, case law and statutes to experimental learning by way of direct engagement with problems of current concern to the society.

Our Mission

The main mission of the Law College is to facilitate students to mature as intellectually successful, morally conscientious, socially responsible citizens with an optimistic attitude, always eternally ready for unrelenting Personal and Professional Development. The mission of the Law College is to deliberately and tactically concentrate on upgrading as well as enriching the professional excellence of lawyers to keep pace with the escalating worldwide competition. The Law College always aims to adopt a new approach in organizing the seminars, academic programmes focused on the most urgent policy challenges in India. The foremost mission of the Law College is to crack down on environmental law, the law of crimes, intellectual property laws, legal aspect of global business management and put emphasis on the unique innovative research so as to devise and put into words an up-to-the-minute Indian Legal Jurisprudence.

Mission Avowal of Durgapur Social and Educational Trust

Durgapur Social and Educational Trust suppose that human being from each echelon of the social order wishes reasonably priced, appropriate, and quality education to accomplish personal ambitions. The Vision of the Trust is to relentlessly make every effort to meet up this social requirement by insertion and development of newer streams of academics in its institutions and provide Top-notch Infrastructure for Learning, Research and application of knowledge. In accomplishment of its Vision, the Trust pledges itself to a Mission to outshine in all its actions to generate an ambiance of effectual successful learning, stimulate a spirit of enquiry, tempt healthy challenges and competitions, egg on sustainable activities and make certain inspiring rewards to everyone – students, teachers, trustees, associates and the society at large. Thus the Trust’s aspiration is to come to light as a global conglomerate of leading academic institutions, each taking delight in having nurtured knowledge that will bring about exhilaration, tranquility, concord and opulence.