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    3 Year LL.B. (Honours) Course
    Young graduates and professionals from different academic background who chooses legal education and tries to become legal practitioners are offered traditional 3 Year LL.B. (Honours) Course by this institution. The 3 Year LL.B. (Honours) Course programme is structured in 6 semesters and integrates the students successfully on same level with prevailing legal practices and miscellaneous legal career academically and professionally. The students attain positive watertight academic legal education and are made professionally prepared beyond the traditional litigation. Thus, the 3 Year LL.B. (Honours) Course programme aims:-

    To enable students to obtain a qualification that meets professional bodies requirements to give progression to the vocational part of legal training necessary to become a practicing lawyer

    • To enable students to develop a good knowledge and understanding of the basic principles of the main areas of Indian Laws and certain areas English and common law Legal System
    • To enable students to develop an evaluative and critical approach to the study of Law and the legal system
    • To provide opportunities for students to analyze the characteristics of other legal systems
    • To give students an opportunity to study in depth a choice of modules related to specialized aspects of law
    • To stimulate students’ development of intellectual capacities, through the acquisition of legal knowledge and sustained research and cognitive skills, through legal problem-solving, reasoning and writing.
    • To encourage reflection on the relevant social, economic, political, historical, philosophical, ethical, cultural and environmental contexts in which law operates in a complex, pluralistic, modern society
    • To equip students in developing intellectual foundation and academic curiosity and the general and transferable skills required to become a well-rounded professional, for further higher education studies, lifelong learning and excellence in their performance.

    3 YEARS LL.B.(HONS.)

    The three years LLB course is a specially designed undergraduate course by DILS for the law aspirants. It is one of the most prestigious courses involving the elements of law and key aspects of legal theory. The course offers unique employability skills such as intellectual independence, problem solving tactics and excellent communication skills.

    3 Years Course No Age Bar Session starts from July
    Graduation – 45% Minimum

    For SC/ ST candidates – 40% Minimum

    OBC – 42% Minimum